PowerMOVEPersonal Training sessions are customized for YOU! We understand that everyone is unique and your personal training program will be tailored specifically for YOU while taking into account your lifestyle and commitments at work and home.  You will build measureable improvement in your strength, stamina, and flexibility but best of all you will feel great!

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We build your perfect program tailored just for you.

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We guide you every step of the way in fulfilling your unique goals and needs.
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PowerMOVE personal training then goes the extra mile in delivering BONUS SERVICES in each and every program!

Our personal trainers will guide clients every step of the way. We look forward to helping you fulfill your unique goals and needs. Each personal trainer will complete a personalized workout program for each of their clients. Personal training is just that, personal! Our team members will help you reach your own specific goals through diet and exercise regimens that are bound to get your feeling much better!
  • Your RESULTS are 100% Guaranteed!

    You will work hard but you will see significant RESULTS!

  • The latest in fitness and health education

    We give you the latest nutrition information and ongoing guidance.

  • Periodic assessments of progress

    An evaluation of your current fitness is conducted (body fat analysis, measurements, physical assessment).

  • A custom fitness plan to continue your journey at home

    We then custom tailor a fitness/exercise and education program to get you started on the path to reach your goals.


Laurie Van Sice

“EF has rejuvenated my love for a good challenge, and that challenge is within me in striving to do better each and every day. EF has also re-instilled in me the power of a team, a community that wo...

Cathie Alvarado

"Since joining Empowered Fitness, I have gained so much more confidence and strength both in body and mind! The trainers are so encouraging and helpful you can't help but gain a stronger belief in you...

Jim Kelly

"Quite simply, EF has changed my life. Because of Empowered Fitness, I am in the best shape of my life since my early 20's, and I've been working out my whole life! That's how good this place is. I am...

John Godon

“I started with Empowered Fitness at age 58 after having experienced a slide in my fitness over the previous 20 years. I had never run 5 miles in my life. After a year though, I’ve seen some drama...

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