We talk a lot about nutrition tips and recipes on our blog here at Empowered Fitness, but the tools you have in your kitchen are also an important part of eating healthy! So, we’ve made a list of five products that make healthy eating easier.

  1. Blu Apple. Who hasn’t gone a little overboard at the weekend farmer’s market, only to realize in the middle of the week that your produce is going to go bad before you can eat it all? Well, this product absorbs the gas that fruits and veggies give off that makes them go bad! It keeps your produce fresh for substantially longer in the fridge, saving money and making sure you always have healthy fruits and veggies around!
  2. Blender. Blenders are a well known staple of healthy eating for smoothies and even soups, but don’t limit yourself! These machines can do a whole lot to support your healthy cooking efforts. Check out our list of 5 surprising things you can do with a blender.
  3. Microplane Herb Mill. One of the secrets to maintaining a healthy diet is making sure your food tastes GOOD! One of the best ways to do that is with fresh herbs, but cutting them every time you cook can feel like a major time waster. Enter the Microplane Herb Mill. This little baby works like a pepper grinder on your fresh herbs. All you have to do is twist and season. How easy is that?
  4. Infusing Water Bottle. For those of us with a soft drink or juice habit, infused water can be a great way to get some flavor without the calories, chemicals, and sugar. There are a variety of infusing water bottles out there with an inner capsule where you can put fresh produce. Everything from cucumber to honey dew makes for some tasty h2o! Check out some of our favorite infused water recipes here.
  5. Non-Stick Greenpan. Cooking with less butter and oil can be an adjustment which is made all the harder if you have an old saute pan. This pan has a special coating that means even with less oil and fat your food won’t stick! Plus it won’t chip or scratch like other non-stick pans, releasing harmful chemicals.


Do you have a favorite kitchen tool for health eating? Share it in the comments!