Whenever we start a new GetLean Challenge, we always get participants who have dietary restrictions and are nervous about how the challenge will go. Vegetarians or vegans are often among the participants who have questions about how to modify the GLC to fit their dietary needs. Thankfully, we have a whole section in our BLOCK Breakdown Guide for those of you who go without some or all animal proteins! Below, we’ve compiled five tofu recipes that will get you through the GetLean Challenge with some major flavor.

  1. Baked Tofu. This recipe is straight up, simple, and very versatile. Use baked tofu pieces on anything from a quick salad to stir fry. It even tastes delicious as the protein in a sandwich!
  2. Stir Fry Broccoli Tofu. Speaking of stir fry’s, this one is delicious and simple to make! Easy to keep in the fridge for multiple meals. Just watch the cashew quota, you get three cashews for each fat BLOCK.
  3. Egg(less) Salad. This is a great option for the vegan GLC participants out there! And even if you aren’t vegan, this recipe still makes a wonderful protein-rich sandwich spread.
  4. Roasted Tofu and Quinoa. If you’ve never tried roasted tofu, you are missing out. Marinating is the secret, tofu takes on whatever flavors you choose. Try out the recipe here!
  5. Tofu ‘Chorizo’. The texture of this tofu recipe is perfect for any Mexican dish you might have in mind. You will be amazed at the kick this ‘chorizo’ will give your next meal!

Do you have a favorite tofu recipe? Share it in the comments!

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