Ever feel like you keep ending up in the same spot, same weight, same week-to-week routine, same level of energy, same crud? EVEN when you’ve started something new that you thought would get you to the next level?

Of course you have!

We are all human and we are thinking ALL THE TIME!   Your thoughts have incredible POWER to bring you UP, or bring you DOWN.

Thinking positive thoughts takes practice and repetition.  Daily meditation (even 5 minutes of quiet time), journaling, saying positive affirmations, connecting to being positive and thinking as if you are all the things you want to be are all GREAT STARTS to that practice! 

On Sunday I spent the day at a great “What’s Your Vision” workshop led by Lauren Brollier (local life coach and inspirational speaker).  It was the second time I attended this event (Lauren is my personal life coach/mentor) and the second time I had the honor of emcee’ing the day for her.

It was a GREAT event and in that space I learned even MORE about myself and more about HOW I want to BE.  I have to say It was also SO great seeing so many of our EF peeps in the audience!

You can’t help coming away from an event like this without a shift in perspective and, most importantly, the realization that YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE RESULTS YOU REALLY WANT!

However, it can only be done if you replace the well worn, crappy, not-serving-me thoughts that try to convince you that you’re not enough with PRESENT DAY POSITIVE THINKING focusing on what you’d LOVE and what you absolutely deserve!

 Remember, YOU GET TO CHOOSE.  Every Day.  You are not a victim of your circumstances.  You can choose to find the positive.  It’s there waiting for you.

In Good Health,