Believing in YOURSELF!

Don’t underestimate your power to take on new Challenges. But first you have to BELIEVE YOU CAN!

Our awesome trainer Christian Mendieta and I saw the power of this in action this weekend with our FitRanX Fitness Challenge and our incredible clients who took on the challenge! Congrats to them for trying something new (or the next Level) and seeing what they are capable of!

FitRanX is just a small example, but whether it was completing a Spartan Race, going for a new job interview, trying out a new skill somewhere…the deep belief that you CAN do it has amazing POWER!

Sometimes you aren’t even totally sure at the start of a new challenge that you can do it, but sometimes you have to “fake it till you make it” and you start to build confidence.

I think SPRING is a GREAT time to purge not only your house (I’ve been doing a LOT of that lately), but your MIND too!

Get rid of old, non-motivating, non-supportive and blah thoughts! Take some time and think about WHAT you want to pursue this spring and HOW you are going to achieve it! (Goes back to revisiting our goals!)

Need help getting started? Let me help YOU!

Reply to this email and let’s make an appointment to meet and discuss how you can achieve what you REALLY want. We can set your next plan!

Your Spring/Summer goals are just waiting to happen. Being accountable, saying it out loud and setting some goals around them is incredibly powerful!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to hit some new goals by Memorial Day? It’s 9 weeks away…PLENTY of time to see some real results! Let me help you BELIEVE IN YOU and your amazing potential to hit your goals. You’ll be making amazing progress just half way through 2018!!

In Good Health,