It’s the New Year and many of us are just getting our bearings this week. Kids, young and old, going back to school, the “down week” is wrapping up and it’s back to routines!

This is a great time to re-tool your routines to meet your new GOALS for the year! What can you do to make your routines, your daily/weekly habits get you closer to your bigger picture goals THIS year?

Have you taken some time to think about it yet?

I believe, as part of the Empowered Fitness community, that YOU want something more for yourself this year. I KNOW this because just BEING a part of the EF community shows that you have taken the first steps in looking for help, accountability and support to take better care of yourself, to work to become more fit and healthy, and to truly seek success in your life!

You DO have goals (even if you think you don’t! 🙂 ) to become an even better version of who you are now, right?! Whether you want to be leaner or stronger, eat less sugar, be more engaged in your relationships, want to LEARN more, want to sleep better, find quiet headspace, etc.

This milestone in time, the NEW Year, is a great time to think about WHAT you want for YOU!

However, we have to do more than WANT and HOPE for things…right? We need to take action, outline daily steps, weekly, monthly etc. to get you to our Goals if we are serious.

We have to KNOW what our goals are if we want to be Empowered to reach them! And in order to stay engaged and interested in our Goals, we really need to enjoy the journey to get there.

I have a number of compelling goals this year. I’m really into it right now and figuring out HOW to make sure I don’t lose my verve or motivation to keep them on the forefront is really important! I’m going to keep working to learn AND practice tips, tricks and hacks to make sure I keep on track (one of them is that I wrote them down!) and share them.

Here’s an example of one of my goals:

“To be stronger and more fit at 51 then I was at 50”. Well, OK, WHY? …biggest picture…longevity and energy! I want to be as healthy, strong and full of energy as I can to lead and grow Empowered Fitness and continue to walk the talk and inspire others! I don’t want to be tired and mopey.

There are other WHYs: I want to look and feel good/lean and “young-ish” :-), I want to live a long, healthy, connected and active life with Mike and my family, I want to be able to “dig in” when needed to accomplish a physical challenge (Spartan!) and don’t want my body keeping me from going on any adventures!

So my WHYs around this goal are deeply important to me (KEY). Now I need to focus on WHAT I need to do in order to keep this promise to myself.

And the KEY sustain these goals/steps: Enjoy the time along the journey NOT only focus on the outcomes. Classes are easy! I LOVE working out with EF Peeps so for that I need to make the calendaring of the time a priority! But running is harder for me to motivate, so I will set myself up with a podcast or book I want to listen to. THAT is enjoyable AND getting my dogs outdoors with me makes me happy too.

If one of your goals is to exercise more, then set yourself up to meet with friends, take a moment in class to laugh and enjoy, let the trainer know that you need a bit of a push (or other help), focus on the feeling that you KNOW you will have after and make sure to celebrate the victory that you WENT!

So, this week’s message:

Set up goals where you can love the process of achieving them! Celebrate ALL achievements, the “micro-victories” each day that help you feel awesome and move forward.

Last week’s message:

Write down your goals. Did you? Do you want to send me yours? I love that some of you did! Think about how you can love the process/how you feel about working on them.

I am deeply interested in how to set ourselves up to choose goals that INSPIRE, DELIGHT and CHALLENGE us and then how best to CONQUER them! Stay tuned… (I’ve also started reading my new book, “Your Best Year Ever” by Michael Hyatt) 🙂

Sometimes we need to say our Goals out loud to someone else, to share them and make them feel real and a priority. If you need that accountability, reach out to me, I’d love to help!

In Good Health,

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