Quick doesn’t have to mean boring, predictable, or even unhealthy. In fact, we challenge you to come up with a speedy recipe more appetizing than any in this bunch, all ready and on the table in just 10 minutes!

Easy to prepare, and in record speed, these recipes don’t compromise on nutrition either. Read on and find out what delicious dinner you could be eating tonight.

  1. Vietnamese BLT Wraps. The trick to getting these Vietnamese-style wraps on the table in 10 minutes is that they are assembled at the table as you eat, making them a great choice for a dinner party. Each wrap has just a small slice of flavorsome bacon, although this could be switched out for turkey bacon or smoky, roasted aubergine slices for vegetarian guests.
  1. Quinoa Chickpea Salad with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dressing. This satisfying and filling salad comes together at a moment’s notice thanks to a jar of ready-made hummus. Loosen the hummus with lemon juice, add in a spoon of chopped roasted red pepper and use as a dressing. Pour liberally over cooked quinoa, salad greens and chickpeas, and finish with sunflower seeds and parsley.
  1. Black Bean Tacos. If you’ve got a pack of tortillas in the fridge and a can of beans in the pantry, then you’ve got the making of a delicious meal in minutes. Reheat the beans with chili powder and ground cumin for a flavor-punch, and serve with shredded cabbage or salad, and avocado, all stuffed into soft tortillas.
  1. Moroccan Prawn Rice Bowl. This meal is so simple you barely even need a recipe – it’s just a case of adding the ingredients to a pan in order. Start with scallions and a big hit of harissa paste. Add some chicken stock and fresh prawns, followed by cooked rice and a tin of chickpeas. Serve with wedges of lemon and chopped parsley to give the impression you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen.
  1. Turkish Lentil Salad. A warming soup or slow-cooked stew might be your first idea if you’ve got a tin of lentils to use up, but this recipe turn them into a fresh, bright and light but satisfying supper. Combine them with red onion, bell peppers and dressing to create this colorful salad.


What recipes do you turn to when time is of the essence? Share your secrets in the comments below!