Fennel SeedsHave you ever been given fennel seeds to chew on at the end of your meal at an Indian restaurant? Not only do the seeds, which are full of antibacterial oils, help freshen your breath and aid digestion, they also contain a wealth of other nutrients like potassium, zinc, calcium and selenium.

So a pinch of seeds is a great way to end a meal, but as for cooking with them, they’re often forgotten in favor of more popular herbs and spices – we’re looking at you basil! Studies have linked fennel seeds to helping reduce bloating, regulate blood pressure and even calming acne-prone skin.

We think fennel seeds deserve a regular spot in the kitchen and there’s no better place to start than these five flavorsome recipes!

  1. Pork Tenderloin With Fennel Seed and Onions. Pork and fennel is a classic combination although often you’ll find the two together in rich foods such as sausages or fatty pork-chops. Tenderloin is a leaner cut of meat which pairs well with this fennel seed and caramelized onion sauce. Serve with roast vegetables or a fresh garden salad.
  1. Carla’s Tomato Soup. Well done Carla, who had the idea to add fennel to her tomato soup! Further additions of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper make her version a welcome change from plain old tomato. Feel free to omit the butter if you’re keeping an eye on your fat intake, the generous seasonings already give tons of flavor!
  1. Cabbage With Sesame, Cumin And Fennel Seeds. Cabbage is probably not your favorite vegetable, and yet we reckon this recipe will make its way into a regular spot on your dinner table. With a strong bitter flavor cabbage will take all the seasoning you can throw at it – this recipe calls for fennel seeds, cumin and sesame and is finished with a squeeze of lemon juice.
  1. Couscous With Fennel And Pinenuts. The blank canvas of couscous is perfect for absorbing the subtle aniseed flavor of fennel. This recipe doubles down and uses a bulb of fresh fennel as well as ground fennel seeds. Serve it with fish roasted in parchment paper for an elegant supper.
  1. Roasted Carrots with Fennel Seeds. Use the power of fennel seeds to revive those often overlooked carrots with this recipe. The sweetness of the carrots is intensified by roasting and then complemented by the fennel seeds. If you have any of this side dish left over you could even turn it into a soup!

Don’t forget that this season’s GLC is the first to include a Remote option. So even if you aren’t local you can still join in on the transformation!