Switching from a diet where you don’t need to think twice about ordering off the menu to the Paleo diet, where certain food types and ingredients are cut out completely, can be tough. This list is meant to help you hunt and gather your way through the supermarket with ease!

If you find yourself puzzled while food shopping then our list of these five wonder ingredients to use in paleo cooking will help you out!

  1. Avocado. They’re packed with monounsaturated fat, vitamin E and minerals like iron, potassium and folate, so we all know avocados are good for our bodies. If you’re following the paleo diet make them your new best friend and take advantage of their versatility. Use them in toast toppings, salads, desserts and even smoothies – we love this chocolate avocado one for breakfast!
  1. Sweet Potato. Whilst white potatoes are a no-no when it comes to the paleo diet, sweet potatoes are (mostly) given the green light! Due to their low Glycemic Index and abundance of nutrients, you’ll want to put a few of these in your shopping basket. Perfect a go-to recipe like turkey and sweet potato chili and you’ll be well on your way to paleo success!
  1. Coconut Milk. Diary might be out of the question, but with a can of coconut milk in the cupboard you can still enjoy homemade ice cream, fragrant thai curries or even double chocolate mousse! Just keep an eye on portion control if you’re watching your fat intake.
  1. Honey. Refined sugar is most definitely out in the paleo diet but we all need a little sweetness in our lives so instead choose honey. Natural raw honey is best due to its antioxidants that could help protect the body against free radicals. Keep a jar in the cupboard and use it to sweeten smoothies and salad dressings or try your hand at this flourless honey-almond cake.
  1. Eggs. They might not be fancy but good old reliable eggs can help you make a paleo meal in minutes. From omelets and frittata to breakfast burritos and baked sweet treats, eggs can form the basis of a filling and nutritious meal. They’re a good source of protein and full of B vitamins so keep a pack in the fridge at all times.


What are your hacks for a successful paleo diet? Share with us in the comments below!