Citrus Slices
No matter the time of year, food tastes best when it’s in season and at its peak. While frozen and canned produce can be equally nutritious and help us get a balanced meal on the table, there’s nothing quite like the excitement of seeing the first crop of seasonal goodies to appear on the shelves or at the farmer’s market after a long absence.

So what’s good to eat right now? We’ve selected five colorful recipes to make with fruit that is at its peak this month.

1. Blood Orange And Grapefruit Salad With Cinnamon. Both blood orange and grapefruit are available right now and make this fruity salad a fresh choice for this time of year. Flavored with sage, cinnamon and apple cider vinegar, this is an ideal side to roasted fish or vegetables.

2. Masala Pickled Guavas. If you happen to have a local supplier of guava fruit, snap up their supply at this time of year and get pickling! Cooked in white wine vinegar and masala spices, these guavas will be ready to enjoy after sitting happily in the fridge for about a week.

3. Mixed Bitter Greens And Kumquat Salad With Anchovy Vinaigrette . Plain old salad can undoubtedly get a little boring, so why not jazz it up with the additional of seasonal fruit. The pairing of tangy kumquats and anchovy dressing is a simple but delicious combination guaranteed to make your mouth water.

4. Fish Tacos With Kiwi Fruit Salsa. Kiwi fruit season in California runs from October to May so this sharp green fruit is in abundance right now. Take advantage and knock up a punchy green salsa to be eaten with crunchy-coated baked fish tacos. A satisfying dinner that contains protein, veggies and fruit!

5. Multi-Grain Date Quick Bread. Part dessert, part breakfast loaf this quick bread recipe makes the most of the rich sticky texture of dates. Enhancing the dough with bran, oats and whole wheat flour means you’ll get plenty of fiber while still enjoying a sweet treat.

Do you enjoying cooking with fruit? Share your top tips in the comments below!