We have had some seriously beautiful weather on the Coastside the last few days! And when it gets warm like this on the coast, a great way to stay cool is to stay hydrated. Water is key, but it’s also vital that you don’t undo all of your efforts by eating something that will dehydrate your body. To aid you in staying hydrated, we’ve put together a list of locally seasonal produce to help keep you cool this summer.

  1. Strawberries. Oh strawberries, one of the classic summer fruits. They are also a sweet accompaniment to any meal, especially breakfast! Mix ripe strawberries, greek yogurt (another hydrating food), vanilla protein powder, and a pinch of cinnamon for a satisfying and easy breakfast.
  2. Cucumbers. Have you ever heard the expression ‘cool as a cucumber’? These crunchy veggies are the perfect inspiration for a side salad that the entire family will think is cool. Try out this recipe for a Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad, quick to make and great after a warm day!  
  3. Figs. Fresh figs are good all on their own, but the number of delicious fig recipes out there is astounding! If you’d like to try your hand at cooking fresh figs, check out this list of recipes from The Kitchn. A few standouts include roasting them or baking them with meat. Yum!
  4. Carrots. Did you know that carrots are made almost entirely of water? They are also the perfect veggie to satisfy your craving to just munch on something. Pair them with a dip, like hummus or tzatziki, to add some protein.
  5. Cherries. Packed with Vitamin C, cherries are an excellent sweet treat for summer. Good cherries are also very easy to get ahold of, with local varieties available at almost every roadside produce stand this time of year. Try popping cored cherries in the freezer for an extra cool down.


Do you have a great recipe for one of these hydrating fruits or veggies? Share it in the comments!