Even with the fog, barbecues are a go to summer social event. Whether you use an outdoor grill at a campground along the Coastal Trail or are having a backyard get together, don’t get stuck cooking the same old burgers! There are so many grill recipes out there, so we’ve put together a list of five that are both healthy and tasty. Yum!


  1. Lemon Chicken Skewers & Tzatziki Sauce. Chicken skewers are a grill classic and super simple to cook. What makes this dish shine is the tzatziki dipping sauce! It’s low in fat and sugar, unlike other popular dipping sauces, but packed with flavor. The perfect addition to liven up your next barbecue!
  2. Grilled Grouper w/ Basil Lime Pistou. We like this recipe because it’s easier to execute than a lot of fish recipes designed for the grill. That’s because, as a meatier fish, grouper doesn’t fall apart on the grill. The basil lime pistou, the french version of pesto, also adds a special something.
  3. Zucchini Cauliflower Skewers. These veggie skewers are the prettiest recipe on this list. When you thinly cut zucchini longways and grill it on a skewer the pieces look almost like decoration! Sprinkle some feta on top and you have a filling and healthy side dish.
  4. Grilled Jerk Shrimp & Pineapple. The jerk marinade takes a minute to put together, but this recipe is definitely worth it. The trick that keeps this recipe healthy is that the marinade adds a lot of flavor without the extra calories. Definitely one to try next time you heat up the grill!
  5. Grilled Balsamic Peaches w/ Frozen Yogurt. Now for dessert. The combination of sweet peaches and savory balsamic glaze is something your guests won’t soon forget. Once you’ve prepared the peaches top them off with low fat frozen yogurt! Just make sure to keep an eye on the sugar content in store bought brands.


Do you have a favorite recipe to make on the grill? Share it in the comments!