We all know how important it is to eat healthy! But getting your kids on the healthy eating train can sometimes be a challenge, especially if they are picky eaters. What better way to teach your children anything than to make it fun? It’s never too early to learn about the three different macronutrients and their role in keeping our bodies strong and our minds sharp. So, we’ve compiled a list of five fun food projects to help your kids learn to eat healthy too!

  1. Olive Penguins. These adorable snacks are fun to make and fun to eat! Olives are a great source of healthy fats but a lot of kids are squeamish of them. What better way to get them to enjoy a new food then to introduce it in the form of a penguin!
  2. Yogurt Dots. These high protein dots are perfect for summer. Use a variety of fruit yogurts to make them super colorful! Great for those picky eaters who need more protein in their diet.
  3. Smoothie Stacks. A project for slightly older children, this is great for middle schoolers who are comfortable with using a blender. Smoothie stacks are a new healthy food trend that takes different colored smoothies and layers them in a glass. Unlimited combinations and colors, a great way for your kids to figure out their favorite smoothie recipes! 

    black olive penguins

    Credit: Rebecca at Foodie with Family

  4. Ladybug Snacks. These apple, peanut butter, grape, and raisin snacks are so cute you could just eat them up! A fun craft to do with the kids for their lunch box the next day. Feel free to use whichever nut butter they like best!
  5. Rainbow Foods. Who isn’t enticed by a good rainbow? These three recipes we put together in a past post feature vegetarian friendly dishes that taste as good as they look. Get the recipes here.

Do you have a fun food craft you like to do with your kids? Share it in the comments!