cashew butter

Healthy fats are an integral part of every diet! They help control hunger by slowing digestion and stabilizing blood sugar. Fats also aid a health metabolism and and help our body assimilate vitamins. They are essential for healthy cell production and creating critical hormones our bodies need. And healthy fats help keep our skin glowing and are essential for keeping us sharp by building nerves and brain tissue.

There are a variety of ways to get your daily intake of healthy fats, from seeds to cooking oils to olives. And, of course, nut butters! The most common may be peanut and almond, but cashew butter is their unsung sister. Cashew butter is incredibly versatile and has a smoother taste than other nut butters, making it a delicious ingredient in recipes that originate from all over the world! Check out our list below of five yummy recipes using cashew butter!

  1. Cashew Chicken Satay. Well-prepared chicken skewers are a delicious way to get your protein, and the cashew dipping sauce in this recipe is the perfect source of fat BLOCKs! If you want to get some more carbs in there too, alternate veggies with your chicken on the skewers.
  2. Creamy Green Pea And Cashew Soup. For the vegetarians and vegans out there, this soup has it all. Made with tofu, green peas, and cashew butter it hits all three building BLOCKs of a balanced meal: protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Tastes great cold or hot!
  3. Cashew Dill Dressing. Switch up your same old salad dressing! This flavorful dressing recipe works great over almost any salad, we like it with chicken and kale. Once you prepare it, the dressing will keep for 2 weeks in the fridge or for months in the freezer!
  4. Cashew Cinnamon Oatmeal. This recipe is as simple as the ingredients in the name, but boy is it delicious! Cashew butter is a great addition to overnight oats or any sort of morning porridge. Experiment with a variety of spices, like ginger, nutmeg, or cloves, to find your favorite mix!
  5. Spinach Artichoke Dip. Now, many of us have seen this dip at Super Bowl parties, packed to the gills with unhealthy fats. Well, no longer! This version using cashew butter has no cheese, oil, or regular butter in sight. This goes great as a dip for raw veggies, as a sandwich spread, or even as a side dish to your protein. Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite cashew butter recipe? Share in the comments.