Protein, protein, and more protein

The biggest challenge many of us have is getting enough protein! Making a GetLean Challenge recipe is one thing, but not all of us are especially interested in eating 3 hardboiled eggs in one sitting or 3 oz. of lean chicken breast deli meat. So, we have listed 5 sources of GLC-approved protein you can prep in 10 minutes or less below!

  1. Hardboiled egg. (1 BLOCK) Ok, we know what we said above. But most people think of these holy grails of protein deliciousness as that gross, slightly green thing that Great Aunt Martha tried to get you to eat as a kid. Not anymore! Check out the Kitchn’s amazing tutorial on how to make the perfect hardboiled egg. Try this delicious egg sandwich recipe! Take 2 hard boiled eggs, mix in a bit of OO mayo (fat) and 1 BLOCK of greek yogurt, salt pepper, spices, chopped celery and green onion. Stuff it inside a 1/2 ww pita with some salsa and a handful of spinach leaves.  If you need more fat add a bit of avocado or chopped olives. Perfect 3 BLOCK meal and super yummy and easy to make the egg salad ahead!
  2. Scallops. (1 large is 1 BLOCK) A delicious accompaniment to any meal, these shellfish are very easy to portion and even easier to cook! All you need to do is throw them in a pan with a bit of EVOO and let them cook through on medium heat, usually takes about 5 minutes. Pro Tip: Store them raw in the freezer and they last forever.
  3. Canned tuna. (1 oz. 1 BLOCK) This sandwich staple is a great salad topper as well! Check out our Tuna Protein Salad for some inspiration. Just make sure you buy the tuna that is packed in water, not oil.
  4. Protein powder. (7 grams 1 BLOCK) Protein powder is no longer just for the bodybuilders. We use a low carb protein powder that comes in French vanilla or chocolate; both delicious! Add it to smoothies, yogurt, or even baked goods. Try mixing one cup of frozen berries microwaved for 30 seconds, ½ cup of low fat greek yogurt, and protein powder. Mash it together and it tastes like a berries & cream dessert treat!
  5. Firm Tofu. (2 oz. is 1 BLOCK) Tofu doesn’t have to be boring. We did some research into delicious tofu recipes that you will enjoy whether you are a vegan or a carnivore! Check them out here.

Do you have a favorite protein? Let us know what you think in the comments!

The content of this post was originally published May 2015.