roasted red pepper dip

Everyone has their staple foods, but it doesn’t hurt to jazz it up every once and a while. Dips and spreads have evolved far beyond the plain guacamole and hummus of yesteryear! There is a smorgasbord of healthy dip and spread recipes out there. We’ve compiled a list of five healthy and delicious dips and spreads to dress up those carrot sticks or spice up your next wrap!

  1. Cottage Cheese Dill Dip. Who said cottage cheese has to be bland? This simple, three ingredient dip is a yummy and healthy addition to any snack table. It also goes great with raw veggies!
  2. Roasted Red Pepper Dip. A great hummus alternative, this tasty dip can even be used as a pasta sauce! Zucchini noodles, anyone? Just make sure to cut down on the amount of olive oil in the recipe.
  3. Chipotle Almond Spread. We usually associate almonds with sweet almond butter, but this savory spread is a revelation! This Chipotle Almond Spread takes a bit of elbow grease to pull off, but it should stay good in the fridge for a few weeks. Try it with some veggies and sliced turkey on a whole grain tortilla!
  4. Garlicky Artichoke Kale Spread. Ok, “garlicky” might not be a real word, but if you are a garlic fan this spread is a must try! The artichoke and garlic makes it rich while the kale makes it hearty. Delicious with roasted chicken!
  5. Cilantro Greek Yogurt Dip. A delicious alternative to sour cream, try this dip with any of your mexican style meals! Use low fat greek yogurt to keep the flavor but cut the fat.

Do you have a favorite healthy dip recipe? Share it in the comments!