The old cliche “you eat with your eyes first” is definitely true, especially when you are trying to eat healthy! But eating well doesn’t have to be dull. A fun method to get the family to eat healthier is to dazzle them with colorful food! Who wouldn’t want to eat every color of the rainbow in one meal? Below, we’ve collected our three favorite rainbow recipes for you to brighten up your cooking!

rainbow pizza

  1. Rainbow Flatbread Pizza. This recipe is stunning! With a variety of veggies in a whole host of colors and a pita bread base, it’s the perfect savory accompaniment to your serving of protein. It’s also a bonus that you don’t have to make any pizza dough, so you can just pop the ingredients on top and put it in the oven. Make sure you pick up a lower carb pita bread, New Leaf has a few good options like the one used in our Killer Pizza recipe.

  2. Rainbow Breakfast Parfait. Everyone is in a rush in the morning, but we cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of starting your day with a solid breakfast. This rainbow parfait is put together in a mason jar, similar to our Salad In A Jar recipe, making it easy to prepare the night before so you can eat and run or bring it with you in the morning.

  3. Rainbow Slaw. Slaw sounds much more fun than salad, don’t you think? It also makes us think of barbecue season, which is fast approaching! Instead of using a maionese-filled traditional recipe, try out this fun rainbow version. The recipe includes red cabbage, carrots, snap peas, and bell peppers, making it deliciously crispy and crunchy. An added bonus is the dressing. With lime, cilantro, and cumin it adds a kick without being overly caloric. Whip up this slaw to accompany your barbecue chicken or fish!


Do you have a colorful recipe that your family loves? Share it in the comments!