With March already upon us, spring fever’s in the air, and it’s making us crazy—for couscous! This lean grain, one of the healthier grain carbohydrates out there, has been used as a staple in North African and Middle Eastern cuisines for centuries. But now, both because of its health benefits and versatility, it’s gaining popularity all around the world. Once you try out these couscous recipes—served hot or cold, salty or sweet, in salads or in stews—you’ll be crazy for couscous too!

1. Breakfast Couscous. Who says you can’t start your day with couscous? This recipe, inspired by the traditional oatmeal breakfast, is the perfect way to load up on some energy before you head out the door. A delicious concoction cooked with milk, dried cranberries, and walnuts, it’s the perfect balance between hardy and happy. Top it with Greek yogurt to amp up the protein content!

2. Couscous Salad With Cucumber, Red Onion & Herbs. The fresh taste of cucumber, lemon, and cilantro? As many fresh veggies you’re craving today? Jam-packed with flavor, served hot or cold, this recipe is a great option for your midday lunch break. Add in some chicken for a complete meal.

3. Traditional Couscous Dinner. We’d be nowhere if it weren’t for the original couscous recipe, and so number three is a classic. This recipe hails all the way from Algeria, and when you take a bite—the slow-cooked lamb, the carrots and tomatoes that almost melt in your mouth—you’ll feel like you’ve traveled a long way, too. Carried away by the couscous. Just keep an eye on the portion size, their recommendation makes for a very large meal.

Do you have a favorite couscous recipe? Share it in the comments!