turkish breakfast
A real breakfast can be difficult to coordinate with a busy schedule. When you can choose between 15 more minutes of precious sleep or preparing healthy breakfast options, which do you usually choose? That’s why we should all take breakfast pointers from the Turks! In Turkey they eat a cornucopia of foods including fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, meat, and yogurt. But they don’t spend more than 2 minutes preparing everything! How do they do it? Everything is prepared in advance for the week and stored in tupperware or on covered plates in the refrigerator. Check out our recommendations below for how to make your own Turkish breakfast at home.


Fruits. Orange slices always stay good for the whole week, though berries and apples are also good though you need to watch for mushiness and browning. We love the less sour, fuller taste of blood oranges if you can find them.

Vegetables. Cucumbers and carrots are great options for breakfast snacking. Both can be cut on Sunday and stored in tupperware for the entire week. Sprinkle a bit of salt on the cucumbers when you are ready to eat.

Cheese. There are a few good options for breakfast cheeses. Top on our list are low fat feta, which goes well with the cucumbers, or low fat mozzarella. Even string cheese sticks will do, especially if you need your breakfast to be portable.

Olives. A delicious source of healthy fat that don’t need to be prepared, what more could you want? Green olives are especially good in the morning. Try sprinkling a bit of paprika and some cilantro on them for an extra kick.

Eggs. You could whip up a scramble, which is a well known Turkish breakfast item, but we like to save any time-consuming recipes for the weekends. The easiest way to get protein from eggs is one of two ways – with the perfect hard-boiled egg or a crustless quiche/frittata. Both will keep in the fridge for the week!

Meat. Traditional Turkish breakfasts feature a variety of meats, from bacon to bologna. We prefer a low fat chicken sausage, which will stay good for the whole week. If you want a treat on Saturday morning, turkey bacon is delicious with those scrambled eggs!

Yogurt. Greek yogurt is definitely on the menu, but the secret of a Turkish breakfast is that you can make it sweet or savory! For the sweet option, combine it with your fruit and a bit of granola for a parfait. Craving something savory? Sprinkle some oregano or dill and garlic powder over your low fat greek yogurt and use it as a dip for your cucumbers and carrots. Yum!


Do you have a breakfast item you make ahead for the week? Share it in the comments!