Many people are intimidated by gyms because they are frequented by people who are really there to flaunt their physiques and aren’t very conscientious of people around them. Witnessing inconsiderate behavior at the gym is incredibly irritating and can turn people off to the idea of a gym altogether. 

A gym should be a place where people come to relieve stress, improve their self confidence, or just be with like-minded people.  Gym’s have common courtesy rules to keep members happy and continue to come back.  When people do not follow these rules, they can make the gym an uncomfortable place for everyone.  Thankfully Empowered Fitness is pretty much the complete opposite of every other gym in Half Moon Bay that you have ever seen!

Empowered Fitness creates an environment for clients that make their workouts a much more comfortable and supportive experience. Here are some of the gym faux pas that you will NEVER see at Empowered Fitness:

  • Dirty Equipment: Watching someone sweat up a storm, lay down on a mat and then leave is pretty gross. It is also unsanitary. Empowered Fitness ensures that all of our mats and equipment are clean and sanitary every time you come to class.
  • Eating: Good luck trying to eat during one of our classes!  Why..?  Because there is no time to eat!  We keep you moving the entire time.
  • Equipment Laying Around After Use: Empowered Fitness has a place for everything and we always put away weights and equipment after classes to ensure nobody gets hurt.

Empowered Fitness tries to encourage every one of our clients to make the gym their second home. We try to ensure that every member feels supported and motivated to improve their health and their lives. Call today to learn more about this amazing gym in Half Moon Bay.