Welcome to the Empowered Fitness Blog! Twice a month we will be posting health & fitness tips that you can do at home. Let us help you reach your fitness goals!

This week we will be sharing three cardio moves. Doing a 20 min cardio workout at home between classes is a great way to stay healthy and keep working on your fitness! It’s a great stress reliever as well. Even with a busy schedule, all you need to do is find 15-20 minutes! Studies show that mixing in short intervals of cardio exercise that challenges you (whatever your fitness starting point is) will help you get real results in a shorter amount of time! Now let’s get to it!

Consider doing 30 seconds of each of these moves (less or more depending on your starting point) and then resting for 1 minute. Repeat that series as many times as you have time for. Start with 2-3x and work your way up…what will challenge YOU?


The Mountain Climber

The Mountain Climber is a great cardio move that doesn’t require a lot of space or any equipment. Your body’s alignment during this exercise is key. So, if you are a mountain climbing newbie, start out slow and increase your pace as you find the correct form and balance. (you can always start with your hands up on a chair, table or bench!) Make sure to engage your core by pulling it up towards your spine!


The Skater

This exercise is a unique side-to-side movement that really works the legs and core as well. It’s a great way to work on balance while conditioning your heart! Pay attention to your feet, the whole foot should land each time and knees should be slightly bent.


The Burpee

This cardio move has both low and high impact versions. Burpees are a full body exercise that works everything from your arms to your abs to your legs, try adding some to your workout today! A great idea is to start with 3 or 4. Each time you add them to your exercise routine add 1 more! Your body will adapt to the challenge and you’ll feel the difference!


We hope you enjoyed these three cardio moves! Check out the full playlist of moves here. (We’ll be bringing you some great STRENGTH moves as well in the weeks to come!) Let us know your favorite in the comments.