Hi Admins,

I hope you had a great weekend!

We’re nearing the end of this historical year and I know I am more than ready for a fresh start!.

You have been a warrior in navigating so much stress, change, finding new routines, dealing with emotions, dealing with more sitting, spending LOTS of time with loved ones, and just dealing with emotional ups and downs.

There has just been A LOT to deal with!

I know for myself, so much change can lead to FATIGUE. And with fatigue comes the inability to consistently make good decisions.

Emotions take over, reactions instead of responses can become habit, we reach for things (food, alcohol, TV, etc). to “calm us” or offer us a “break”.

I get it and I have also learned a powerful tool to help! It’s called the POWER OF THE “PAUSE”!

It’s that brief and powerful moment between stimulus (“I want that cookie”, or “I don’t like something”) and response (“I’ll just eat this cookie”, “getting mad” ).

That PAUSE means taking literally a few seconds to step back, take 1-2 breaths, and allowing your good-decision-making side to get a chance to respond before you make that rash decision.

This is not EASY, but it is SIMPLE to take a pause when our “emotional mind” tries to sabotage our goals! Here’s the process:

1. NOTICE IT! Recognize when you’re being tempted to make a bad decision.

2. PAUSE! Take a breath, see yourself outside of yourself and ask yourself if there’s another response.

3. GO! Take the right action now that you’ve had a moment to think about it.

Taking that PAUSE allows you the space to make the decisions that serve your goals (who you want to be) in the face of challenge.

Give this a try this week and let me know about a moment you took a PAUSE and it made a difference in a decision you made!

I know you can do it!

In good health,

P.S. If you need support in working through decisions around your health and fitness, request a consultation with me now! I want to help you! Have a fabulous week!

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