Below is a little idea that reminds us about reflecting on something good AND the good feeling it evokes…and then sharing it with others so they can share in the good feelings too!  🙂

And because it’s Thanksgiving week and we can all use lots of positive juju in our lives, it’s a GREAT thing to give a try this week!

Here it is….when we have our EF Team zoom meetings, we have a tradition of starting with a “Positive Focus”.  Something we can share with the group to get the conversation started, get us connected to each other (we don’t all get to see each other as a group these days),  promote interaction, and get us all “in the zone” for the meeting!

 It can be something positive in our personal life, work life, or, as Mike coaxed Joe the other day, “It can be about something awesome you ate!” 🙂  (That DID get ideas flowing and a great little story from Joe!)

I LOVE hearing what was something everyone felt was cool, made them happy…. For those few minutes of SHARING or LISTENING you are transformed into that person’s FEELING of being happy, content, delighted…what a great way to take a few moments to soak in those positive vibes! 

This week I’m going to challenge myself to do a round robin of “Positive Focus” sharing at dinner time with our family as we have a mountain cabin family vacay planned.

Our first family vacation since March and a chance to be with all three of our kiddos under one roof.   Us, the kids, pine trees, hikes, games, dinners in and very needed downtime.

And I’ll challenge you to do the same!  Initiate a round of Positive Focus for your family at some point this week!

And let me know how it goes!

In good health,

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