It’s official…we have rounded the corner and are heading into the Holidays!

I know this can bring up feelings of both excitement for a fun time of year AND stress for what it all entails, especially this year with so much disruption in our lives and navigating changes to our usual traditions.

I personally have always loved holiday time! I love the change in the weather, the “cozy time” with family, decorating, yummy meals, having everyone home and and just the general vibe of giving, gratitude and positivity.

This year will have some new challenges for sure…not doing the usual holiday gatherings or dinner parties, being vigilant to keep safe and healthy, staying active and eating smart to NOT fall victim to “holiday extra-padding” AND keep immunity strong

We ALL have “a lot of stuff” on our plates and the holiday time can add an additional urgency or anxiety to our already frayed nervous system.

We also all have tools to help us manage stress and may just need to be reminded sometimes of all we DO know and CAN DO.

2020, with all it’s ups and downs, can STILL finish on a WIN for you!

Below is a “year in review” highlight list on some of the tips and ideas I covered in 2020 emails to help us be our best selves…

January: Create a “vision” of future you. When you can SEE it you’ll be able to direct energy towards the “Future You” you want!

February: Be “All In”! Choose a goal or future you attribute and go ALL IN to achieve it! (What could you be ALL IN for to finish this year?)

March: Be around inspiring people! (What better place than EF classes to be around inspiring and like minded people who, like you, want to be MORE!)

April: Keep moving EVERY Day! Being active is more critical than ever. Also I talked about being able to “pivot” to deal with new circumstances around you. We learned that for sure!

May: Celebrate what you are doing WELL! Give yourself kudos for all you ARE doing, careful of the “shoulds” and the low energy that creates.

June: Focus on healthy meals. If you go off course, just get back to your 80/20 of healthy meals and choices! The holidays don’t have to be a food fest EVERY DAY! Pick and choose.

July: Check in on your “personal battery”. Mental and Physical. Are you in need of recharging? And what could do that for you?

August: Think about ACTION vs. MOTION (just being busy). What’s one ACTION you could take today that helps you towards your goal?

September: What would FUTURE YOU do? Focus on habits and choices you believe the “future you” of your dreams would do. Makes decisions more clear many times.

October: Think about 3 great things that happened today…focus attention at the end of the day on the good in your life. Less mental energy stuck on the negative or things you can’t change.

November: The 5-Minute Challenge! Take 5 min. to start a task and build momentum. Not “feeling it” but you know you gotta do it? Just tell yourself to start with 5 min…see where it goes! 🙂

December: TBD…but you can bet it will be something to motivate you to finish this year strong!

In good health,

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