It seems like every client I talked to this last week had a CRAZY week! It was an emotional rollercoaster for sure and everyone who got in their workout felt the ahhhhhh….of stress relief!

I know everyone knows this…but I too will struggle with sometimes making the time to do the right thing for my body and mind. It could be going to bed on time, choosing the right food, carving out time to exercise, or getting out of the house to give yourself a “mental health” break.

Making the time tells yourself that YOU MATTER! Even if it’s just 5 minutes!

The 5-Minute Challenge

Try this trick if you are getting stuck not getting to the things that you know you need to for your goals: Take something you want to get done and commit to just 5 minutes!

Seriously, just tell your rebelling subconscious (the one that makes you stay “safe” and “not moving forward”) that you will do something for JUST 5 MINUTES!

Taking a 5-minute action will create MOJO in the direction you want!

1. Action often comes before motivation! Not the other way around. It’s usually only AFTER we’ve done something that we feel motivated!

2. Action busts us out of procrastination! Often all we need to do is push through the first few minutes of resistance and we are rolling! All we have to do is get started!

3. Action is EMPOWERING! We all want to feel inspired and energized! The more we act, the better we feel and the more we feel ready, willing and able to do more action!

4. Action is satisfying! It’s REAL! It HAPPENED! If you do something healthy for yourself (you turned off your computer and made it to bed by 9:30p) you feel good about it!

5. Action is EVIDENCE! It can be measured, you can track it and it helps us to figure out what to do next! Isn’t that FANTASTIC?!

Just a 5 minute commitment can get the ball rolling on something you really do want for you!

So I double-dare you to take the 5-Minute Challenge today! 🙂

I’d LOVE to know what it is that you tried and how it turned out! Email me back and let me know (seriously, please email me!!)

In good health,