This is certainly not a new thing happening only during COVID, but it’s definitely something I find more and more surprising.

Here’s the situation:

Someone reaches out to me for help and support in getting healthier.

We talk.

They decide they’re going to wait until things “calm down a bit.”

I sigh in frustration realizing that they’re still hoping for a magic pill that doesn’t exist.

Here is the hard truth:
1. Life was and always will be busy, pandemic or not.
2. Health needs to be front and foremost in our minds and we need to be DOING something about it!
3. The “busyness” in our lives is an excuse to put our heads in the sand and hope for the best.

The bottom line is that things won’t get better for you, if YOU don’t try to get better!

If you’re still eating, you can choose healthier.

If you need to fit exercise in, you CAN find the time.

There are so many things we CAN always do.

Being too busy right now is just us fooling ourselves.

So, if getting healthy has been on your to-do list, but you’ve still not taken action, now is the time!

Because you might literally be saving your own life!

And I would love nothing more than to be there for you on your quest for better health…

In Good Health,

P.S. I’ve just opened up my calendar for 30 minute personal phone consultations to help you develop plans for your health and fitness! There is no charge for this very valuable service but space is very limited. Schedule your appointment HERE!


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