I LOVE this phrase…so much so that a friend made it into a necklace for me!

This week I saw it in ACTION with 3 different client stories! ๐Ÿ™‚ (check it out, maybe you can relate!)

1. One client shared her going forward plan to getting in her workouts…”No Negotiating!” yes! WE ALL negotiate when we are at the point where we have to DO something that may feel uncomfortable at the moment. Telling herself AND those close to her that she’s not allowed to “negotiate” getting to class (“I’ve had a long day, maybe I should sleep in and skip class…”). She’s committing to MAKING A DECISION AND STICKING TO IT. THAT’S being ALL IN!

2. Another client this week…shared that she’s BACK! She had some life/family events that took her off course on her own fitness habits and mojo…this happens for sure…but she didn’t give up! In class on Tues. she said she had that “feeling”, the “I’m BACK and I WANT this!” feeling and shared with me that she’s re-committed to her routine and pumped…She’s ALL IN!

3. Another client was having a low energy class…ever have those?…haha! We ALL DO! I asked him what he ate the night before and a little “ah-ha” light bulb went on…YES, what you eat affects your energy! It was such a good reminder to get back on track with eating to get the most from your body (and be the best TO your body!) Made it clear that to BE, FEEL and LOOK your best, the 80-20 rule around eating is KEY! I believe that that moment he decided to be ALL IN on eating to fuel his ever-more-fit body! (Like he did in the GLC!)

My necklace acts as a totem for me, a reminder that I want to be ALL IN for EF, for our team, for my family, my friends and VERY importantly, for myself.

You might see me touch the silver sometimes…it’s me reminding me. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are YOU “ALL-IN” for this Spring/Year? Let me know and if there’s any way I can help you stay ALL-IN, shoot me an email!

In Good Health,

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