I watched a GREAT movie last night (on Amazon at home!) 🙂 Many of you who are Sundance aficionados may have seen it… It is called “Brittany Runs a Marathon”. I highly recommend!

It’s a true story and it was a real and funny (but also painful) story of how overwhelming CHANGE can be and feel and the whole concept of STARTING and making it “one block at a time”!

How it’s human to slide back, to fall off the wagon, but unless you START AGAIN nothing changes! Small goals and small wins add up over time!

It really struck me because even if you don’t relate to the low point that the main character Brittany feels in the movie NOW, we’ve all been there in some way or another. Right?

I found that after the movie I wanted to go on a run again! So I’m picking that one thing to get started on! Small goals…small wins…add up over time!

We all have things that we want to change, hopefully! I think constantly striving to grow and challenge ourselves is such a great thing! It doesn’t mean we aren’t enough as we are today. But it DOES mean we want to always be trying to become the best versions of ourselves we possibly can!

It takes work, grit, commitment, consistency and PRACTICE (and forgiveness)! The bottom line is that we can all do AMAZING THINGS if we set our mind to it! It can be physical, can be a new career/job position, can be learning something totally new, can be meeting new, like-minded people, it can be ANYTHING! 🙂 Just start!

What is one thing you’re going to start again this week? Email me YOUR ONE THING you are going to get back to! I’d love to be your support buddy!

In Good Health,

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