Take just a few moments right now and reflect on the following question:
Who are you when you are at your best? 
How do you “show up” when you are being your best self?  How would YOU describe YOU at your best?  What does your body language convey?  What are the feelings in your heart?  What are the thoughts in your head?
What qualities best describe YOU when you are at your best?   Grateful?  Excited?  Motivated?  Strong? Inspiring?  Attentive? Cheerful? Hopeful? Courageous? Engaged? Loving? Fun? Thoughtful?  Focused? Happy? Confident?
Here’s a GREAT EXERCISE to try out if you are looking to become a little better tomorrow: 
1.  Write down 5 words that YOU FEEL DESCRIBES YOU when you are being your BEST SELF.
2.  Then just start with 1 day (this week or tomorrow!). CONSCIOUSLY and ACTIVELY LIVE these words.  Make it intentional and practice.
Then go for 2 days!  See where it goes!  See how you feel and if you get any feedback from those around you.
GREAT, GREAT habits and changes happen by starting and then focusing on one day at a time!  🙂
In Good Health,