Our awesome client, Stephanie Sills, posted this GREAT quote on Facebook the other day!

“There are less than 3 months left in this decade! I think you should go for it.”

It totally struck me…2020 is less than 3 months away…How do I want to finish out this decade?

It’s a great thing to consider and a bit of urgency to jump in on goals, habits and things you might want to get going on or solidify starting NOW!

Not a lot needed to say here. We ALL have things we WANT in life…

  • More abundance in all areas of life
  • Great relationships
  • Healthy, strong and energized bodies
  • Goals we would like to accomplish (Spartan in Feb. anyone? Who’s in with me?)
  • Causes/Activities that feel meaningful and we feel we can contribute to…

How would you LOVE TO SEE YOURSELF on DEC. 31 heading into a new decade?

You can make a big stride in getting there if you jump in NOW! Think of one thing you can get going on NOW that helps you move forward. It doesn’t HAVE to be big…but WHY NOT GO BIG! 🙂 NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO GET GOING…

We can do amazing things and get incredible traction in 2+ months…you can literally CHANGE something important in your life if you focus, prioritize and stay consistent!

Let me know what YOU would like to change before the end of this decade! I want to know and would love to help you make it happen if I can!

In Good Health,