The key to cementing habits is NOT willpower. It’s making the things we want EASIER and the things we don’t want, HARDER! In essence…prepping your life to make it easier to SUCCEED!

It’s a simple formula…good habits pave the way to the results we want.

Sounds simple in theory…but it ISN’T easy to change habits you may have had for years or decades. It takes choosing them over old habits, repetition, commitment, focus, being uncomfortable sometimes and more repetition!

But face it…we ALL choose the things that are easier sometimes (many times!), especially when tired, overwhelmed or hungry! 🙂

With our GetLean Challenge heading into it’s second week, I thought it would be a great time to throw the idea out there of making the THINGS YOU WANT, EASIER and the things YOU DON’T WANT, HARDER!

Taking some time to set things up so that you can make your new habit choice EASIER is KEY to making it happen! And on the reverse side, make the old, not-so-good-for-your-goals habits HARDER. Below are some examples:

I challenge you to take a few moments to really think about this and come up with 3 ideas that will make your good habits easier this week and help you move forward in your goals!

Examples of making things EASIER for GOOD HABITS:
– Lay out your exercise clothes in the evening the night before
– Have a complete set of exercise clothes in your car for days you running late
– Make a “workout date” with a buddy for the next day (or even weekly)
– Have cut up veggies in a baggy to munch when you are making dinner
– Prep a healthy meal and box up 3 dinner portions to freeze for future busy nights
– Prep a big bag of clean greens and dressing in a mason jar for a quick salad
– Change a late meeting to end 30 min. earlier so you don’t miss evening class
– Arrange 1 day a week for your kid to have a play-date during a class you love
– Set your journal out with a pencil on your desk the night before
– Write “Most Important Outcomes” the night before for your desk the next morning (that way you start the day with clear focus)
– Make an “X” on your calendar EVERY DAY you succeed in 1 particular habit! (the pile of X’s will motivate your “competitive” side
– put a tennis ball, lacross ball or stretch strap in clear site near your TV (use when watching!)

Examples of making things HARDER for the “bad” habits:
– Get it out in the OPEN! Tell a friend/family of the habit you want to stop
– Throw away all the “foods that sabotage you” (if it’s in your house, you’ll eat it)
– Find healthy substitutions that you enjoy for the habits you want to change
– Say NO to over-scheduling so that you aren’t so exhausted
– Have someone else pack up left overs after dinner
– Fill your fridge with healthy choices so you feel abundant!
– If working out after work, don’t go home first!
– Avoid “snack areas” at work!!
– Skip social media 1 hour before bed
– Skip later time TV (less time for snacking, screen time, oversleeping)
– Brush your teeth before cleaning up dinner leftovers (less likely to snack)
– Read over all the ideas above on making GOOD HABITS easier! 🙂

What habits or routines can you commit to this week? How can you make it EASIER ON YOURSELF to CHOOSE the habits you want?

If there is anything I can do to help you cement in new good habits, I’d love to sit down with you and talk about it. Just reply here and let me know!

In Good Health,