For the last 7 months I’ve been working with a life coach and it’s been an amazing experience so far.

 Most of the work has been working on my internal compass and re-wiring how I think and approach different situations and how to continue to move the dial FORWARD and avoid getting “stuck”.

 Something that has been key for me in this work is creating a VISION for myself. What does “FUTURE ME” do? How does she act, think, who does she hang out with, where does she spend time etc. What would I LOVE future me to be like?

 I find this line of thinking amazingly helpful when talking to clients during goal setting and helping our clients find their mojo or turn up the dial on their motivation. WHAT DOES “FUTURE YOU” LOOK LIKE, Act like, Feel like? What decisions and choices (some big, some super small and in the moment) can you make NOW that will help you become the Future YOU in your vision?

 This is powerful stuff!

Just taking a bit of time, quiet time, to think about what YOU WANT FOR YOU is setting the destination that you can start working towards NOW!

 So if FUTURE YOU is playing on the beach, laughing, wearing summer clothes, feeling strong and fit…what can you do NOW to help get you there?

 If FUTURE YOU is traveling the world or writing a book or creating your dream home or changing careers…what can you do NOW? Big or small?

 And a GREAT question is, “is this choice going to help me with my goals?”.

 So if Future you is healthy, lean and strong, then get to your EF class, stop the excuses, make the time! 🙂 It will absolutely get you closer to the you you are meant to be.

 Would you like help figuring out some small changes you can make to get to your goals and build more balance? I’d love to hear from you and how we can help you be YOUR BEST YOU this year (and the rest of your life!)

 We ALL need accountability and success support and I’m here for YOU!

 Have a great week!

 In good health,