I had a great epiphany in our Studio recently…

It was AMAZING in there! I was meeting our Winter 2019 GLC participants and getting their initial information and our awesome trainers Kimm and Emily were gearing up to start our 8:30a PowerBLAST class…


And it reminded me why what we do at EF, bringing our community together to exercise AND work on goals, brings POSITIVE ENERGY to our community that is truly CONTAGIOUS!

Have you ever experienced coming to the studio, maybe feeling tired, maybe a bit overwhelmed with your “to do list”, feeling maybe a bit guilty for taking this time out for yourself… and you get into the studio and the instructor gives you a BIG HI! and asks you about YOU, OR you have a classmate who is pumped up and exuding positive energy, or you start working on your “class team” and you realize everyone around you is smiling, or someone does a “Woo Hoo! We GOT this!” …you begin to FEEL BETTER!

You start to feel HAPPY, even when the workout is tough!

That good energy that someone else brought in that day has rubbed off on you and it’s AWESOME!

It’s a FACT! GOOD ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS! Isn’t that amazing? You can make a difference to yourself and those around you by bringing your Positive MOJO.  It’s like turning on a light switch. You can impact someone else’s workout, overall experience and entire day by just you smiling, being upbeat, laughing and finding the good in a situation!

I definitely felt the positive vibes in our mighty studio and by the end of class, the positive spirit seemed to have spread to most everyone!

YOU can do this …bring the Good Energy!
You never know who you might help change the course of their day!