You probably have heard me say this a bunch of times over the years and ESPECIALLY during the GetLean Challenge because we need to TRUST that our habits and practices will get you the results you are looking for.

Remember, distractions WILL HAPPEN! But when you put in the work and think of yourself on a journey to somewhere important TO YOU (your WHY) it’s amazing what you can accomplish!

As we get ready to launch our Winter 2019, “sugar detox” GLC (there’s still time to sign up!) and just looking at the start of the year in general, it’s TIME to re-think about TRUSTING THE PROCESS to achieving your next goal. (and doing the work).

In my work this week I listened to a GREAT quote and it really spoke to me. Those of you who have taken classes from me know how much I LOVE visual imagery to be able to relate to things…the quote was,

“If you want an oak tree and you plant an acorn… you don’t stomp on that little sprout that pops up, saying, “I don’t want you I want an oak tree”. You nurture that little sprout.”

So think about what YOU are looking to achieve this year…think of the GREAT THINGS YOU’VE ALREADY STARTED! The beginnings of new habits start as “sprouts” and they need care and attention to become ingrained and grow!

Maybe you are committed to showing up to class 3+ times a week, maybe it’s drinking more water, getting to bed earlier, less white starches, working harder IN class etc. There are TONs of great ways to become our best selves.

Be sure to NURTURE what you’ve started. Trust the process that small habits, repeated day in and day out, week in and week out, make for BIG Changes! That will change the course of your life! (yes! THAT BIG!)

Let “OFF Days” be “off DAYS” and not off-months or off-years. Be kind to yourself, but committed to your goals. 🙂

Nurture the sprout you’ve started…get support and help to take care of it and stay accountable! It’s going to be a GREAT year and I’m very excited for all of us to plant a FOREST TOGETHER!