One of my earliest memories of the power of helping others find their AWESOME was when I was in high school and I worked at a Racquet Club in Burlingame. I thought it was the greatest job!

I was passionate about eating well (I remember eating a lot of carrots back then!) and exercising (and was an avid follower of “Joanie Greggains” —hahaha! how badly have I dated myself NOW?).

During this time I met a woman at the club in her 40s named Jan. Jan came in the gym all the time, was friendly and consistent but didn’t seem to be getting results, was obviously getting demotivated, and I noticed she spent a lot of time “hanging around” the gym, not really engaging. She was bored, frustrated, low energy and starting to feel that this was “IT”, she’d never look or feel motivated or awesome again.

Without really understanding the psychology of what I was doing but knowing that she needed help, I decided that to be her accountability buddy, someone to help guide and inspire her.

So between folding towels, doing gym tours and checking in clients, Jan and I started working out together when we could. She started checking in with me when she came to the gym, writing down what she ate, and thinking of some small goals she wanted to hit.

I absolutely LOVED helping Jan!

In my mind I wasn’t really DOING much. I listened, helped think of ideas, did research on things we talked about (I was an avid learner about all things health and fitness!), thought of small goals she could work on, read her fitness log each week and got excited about the wins with her!

Fast forward 8 months…

I was getting ready to leave for college and phase out of my job at the Club. Since we started meeting, Jan had lost at least 25 lbs, found a group of peers to go to class with (her confidence was SO MUCH HIGHER) and was committed to eating healthy. Her husband had even lost 10lbs too!

We hugged, exchanged home numbers (no cell phones or texting way back then) and she promised to keep up the huge momentum she started!

It was awesome to be a small part of Jan’s life.

We lost touch (I was still an 18 year old heading to college and a whole new set of experiences), but I never forgot the deep, deep satisfaction, joy and inspired feeling of helping someone BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES enough to move forward to great new adventures and change her life!

Now I’m 51, with MUCH MORE knowledge, experience and personal growth under my belt. But I continue to feel the HUGE thrill of helping to change lives! That goal hasn’t changed…and in fact, through EF it’s stronger than ever and it’s at the core of what EF brings!

My dream is that our EF Community continues to grow and bring INSPIRATION to every person who walks in our doors! As I and our EF Team continue to grow personally, we bring ever more inspiration to our clients….our clients in turn become more confident, strong and fired up by what they can do which inspires their friends, family, and communities around them to change and grow…what an incredibly amazing chain reaction!

This is success to me!

And I am excited every day to see what more is to come…

YOU have the same power to change lives!

Know that every day YOU SHOW UP in your life, you make a difference in yourself and you become even more of an INSPIRATION to those around you!

If you would like help in your own health and fitness…if you need inspiration and your own “accountability buddy” to see success like Jan did, I urge you to click on the following link to take advantage of our Fit & Lean Fast Start program! It will be going away on June 30th so don’t wait!

Have a great week!

In good health,