“What motivates you?”

I have asked a lot of clients, when sitting together for a consult, chatting after class, or even when meeting them for the first time…,“What is YOUR CARROT?” Meaning IS THERE SOMETHING YOU ARE WORKING TOWARDS that is motivating you right now?

Do you have something on the horizon that you want to achieve or complete to get you up and out of bed to an early class, making room in your schedule to get to class in the day or making sure you don’t work late EVERY night so that you can get to class…(like the “get to class” theme? πŸ™‚ )

But this is especially important to think about once you DO have a routine going…how do you keep it INTERESTING and MOTIVATING to you??

All of us have decided that being healthy, getting more fit, having better energy, working to lessen stress are important. We are agreed on that! But “What is your carrot”, that tangible thing that helps you feel FIRED UP or on a mission to make showing up to class/your workouts MORE OF A PRIORITY?

I was thinking about this at our FitRanX Open Gym this weekend (FitRanX is a fitness challenge with progressive levels of difficulty that you can test yourself against). We had clients show up with a clear plan of what level they wanted to achieve and thus practice, learn and ask questions.

But we also had some folks who just wanted a NEW CHALLENGE and see if they could do it. For some, achieving a FitRanX level is A CARROT! πŸ™‚

We have a HUGE group of clients who’ve made one or both of our upcoming Team Spartan events “their carrot”!

A mighty group of clients is doing the “HMB Triathlon” as a challenge and that “carrot” gets them out on their bikes or into the water on days they would rather hang indoors! Awesome!!

Now “your carrot” doesn’t need to be a fitness event…maybe it’s that you want to fit into your favorite jeans again for an event, or you have a trip planned where you want to feel fit and fabulous, or you want to lower your blood pressure by a certain date…

Your Carrot is something that motivates you and you are excited to achieve it and it’s got a DATE!

It’s also something, that to YOU, is worth being “uncomfortable” for!


If you don’t have one…let’s help you find one! It’s even MORE fun when you have a carrot you can share with others! haha! OK, that’s it on my carrot analogy! πŸ˜‰

I know you get it!

If YOU need help and/or support to make changes that will help you be your best you, please reach out. We want to help make a plan that you can move forward with.

You aren’t alone and we ALL need our village! πŸ™‚

In Good Health,