“80% of Success is Showing Up”

Isn’t THAT the truth! 🙂

I think this quote is a GREAT way to motivate on a Monday as you get ready for a new week!

Think about the things that are important to you, the GOALS you have set for yourself this year…

If you DID SHOW UP to the goals you set for yourself this last week, BRAVO! That’s something to be proud of! Feel awesome and give yourself kudos!

It’s SO easy to get distracted and we constantly have to reset, refresh and reboot our goals for what we want to accomplish to get us closer to our BIGGER PICTURE plans for ourselves. We want those to stay important and relevant!

If you had a week where you didn’t accomplish the things quite how you wanted to, take a few minutes, regroup and make a NEW plan to hit your goals THIS WEEK!

It’s OK to fall off the rails a bit, as long as you GET BACK ON!

There is no doubt that every day you can make progress. But no matter what your intention might be, to see change you HAVE to SHOW UP! 🙂

So if one of your goals for the week is getting to class and getting in 3+ days of exercise (that’s a key amount when you are maintaining…Want to see CHANGES? You gotta get in 4-5x bouts of good, sweaty exercise, whatever mode you choose! )

SO, LET’S DO THIS THIS WEEK! Make your plan and SHOW UP! You’ll be so glad you did! 🙂

Please know, if YOU need help and/or support to make changes that will help you be your best you, please reach out. We want to help make a plan that you can move forward with.

You aren’t alone and we ALL need our village! 🙂

In Good Health,