I’d like to do a shout out to all of our Newer Clients to Empowered Fitness (and of couse we LOVE our vets who always work hard!) to congratulate you all on DOING SOMETHING NEW by joining EF or doing the GetLean Challenge for the first time!

In one consultation this week, I asked the new client what her goal was for the month. She said simply and quickly, “I need to make some changes and SHOW UP!” I LOVED it!

It can be (and IS) scary and overwhelming to imagine CHANGING something that you are very accustomed to in your day-to-day life!

Nature has programmed the human being to be uncomfortable with change because it can mean a physical threat to our safety. Our routines help to make us feel safe. And keeping busy helps us to feel productive. Together, this means keeping a BUSY, routine schedule that feels like there’s no opportunity to add anything new.

I am sure that none of us is alone in feeling BUSY!

OMG, we are all so busy and committed to many things, right?

We get into habits and routines that help us navigate our busy lives. But over time those habits might not be really helping us to GROW!

They have become comfortable…maybe they become what we THINK are our ONLY options and we fear rocking the boat. We can become paralyzed because we feel stuck and are not willing to make new adjustments to getting through the days/weeks.

But when you are TIRED of feeling tired, or overweight, or stressed, or strapped for time and/or finances, the ONLY way out is to CHANGE something!

Break the cycle, be uncomfortable and move forward!

I know that every client who walks in our doors at EF is looking for a way to break through the rut, to try something new, to CHANGE the outcomes that are getting us down and not feeling our best.

“Don’t Be Afraid Of Change – It Is Leading You To A New Beginning”

I too go through all of the same things and like all of us, some times are more challenging than others. I KNOW…CHANGE is fricken’ tough! 🙂 But I LOVE that quote above…I’m focusing on the “new beginning” aspect.

Don’t be afraid…change WILL create a NEW BEGINNING and you DO have choices! Isn’t that actually SO exciting? I’m running with that! 🙂

Last week I talked about envisioning your path, deeply BELIEVING that you can do great things…this week it’s about taking the steps to CHANGE…

…to actually jump off the edge of the pool and get WET! 🙂

Please reply and tell me what uncomfortable change YOU are going to make this week? It can be anything….just change something and use me as your accountability buddy to make it happen.

And if you need any help, just let me know! It’s what I’m here for and what I LOVE to do!

In Good Health,