Fish is a great item to mix into your meals, especially as an alternative to red meat. It’s high in protein and many varieties are also high in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D.

It mixes well with vegetables and salads and can be prepared pretty simply, not to mention batch cooked and frozen. Check out a few of our ideas below!

1.)Halibut with Peach and Pepper Salsa. Halibut is a light and slightly sweet fish with a delicate flavor. It is an excellent source of nutrients and is high in protein. Try this delicious recipe with a sweet and savory salsa on top.
2.)Tilapia with Lemon and Garlic. Tilapia is a mild, white fish that is lean and tasty. It is known for having a less ‘fishy’ taste than other seafood options, making it a versatile option when cooking. It’s also delicious cooked simply with garlic and lemon.
3.)Salmon with Sweet and Spicy Rub. You almost can’t go wrong with this fish as it’s high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and protein make it an incredibly nutritious choice. We recommend keeping it simple with this recipe.
4.)Grilled Mackerel. Mackerel is known for being oily in part for the high amount of beneficial fats it contains. It has a strong flavor that is paired well with glazes. Try this Korean Grilled Mackerel recipe.
5.)Sardines with Lemon and Mint. Although they might not be the first to come to mind, sardines, like mackerel, are a healthy choice because of their high amounts of fatty acids. They are also quite easy to cook with citrus and fresh herbs.