I love this quote from Henry Ford!


THAT is a very powerful statement! I heard it yesterday when I was on a run. It resonated HUGELY with me…I wanted to share it and hope it inspires some thought on what YOU believe YOU can do as you reflect on last year and look forward to 2018!

I’ve reconnected with my favorite podcasts this week! Since we have had a closed week at the studio, it’s re-inspired me to get outdoors for a run (or walk) with my doggies and plug into some great self-building content at the same time! I find myself even running a bit further if it means I can listen to the whole podcast–or two! (that’s a WIN WIN for sure!) 🙂 The hectic holidays feel behind me and it’s helping to prioritize my time.

I know we all have podcast favorites depending on our mood at the time. One of mine is “The Model Health Show” with Shawn Stevenson (he wrote a great book called, “Sleep Smarter”). I have picked up SO many great tips, learned a ton about how to better take care of our bodies inside and out, heard from tons of experts in the field and bought a bunch of awesome books from the guests he showcases on his show.

Yesterday I listened to Michael Hyatt on the “Science of Setting and Accomplishing Goals” (of course then I went and bought his new book, “Your Best Year Ever”, all about goal setting.) and I felt SO INSPIRED! What GREAT timing to think about what we want in the year ahead and to actually WRITE DOWN your goals! 🙂

Did you know that studies show that people who actually WRITE DOWN their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who just think about the goals in their head?

That is AMAZING to me! That’s a BIG difference and who wouldn’t want the extra edge for success just based on that science! I personally have had a bit of a tough time this last year with turning 50 and the mental (and hormonal!!) changes and thoughts that have come with that awesome milestone.

I found myself struggling a bit with my WHYs and that feeling that I was floating along letting events and my reactions to them shape my day to day plan. My personal priorities got gray and fuzzy, excuses seemed to pop up keeping me from these priorities and all of it has left me feeling “off my game” to some extent. With 51 literally right around the corner…


I am SO ready to MAKE a new resolve to:

1. Believe in myself and what is possible.

2. Put some “scary and uncomfortable” goals out on the table for this year (in order to GROW) and

3. Get fired up about the steps and WORK that will need to happen to reach them! (I know this is the hard part, shake up the normal reactions)

Feeling “off your game” happens in life and I know this personally.

But I also know that I don’t want this to become my story! I have so much I want to BE, DO and EXPERIENCE in the year (and many years) ahead. To get there I’m going to have to reset my lens, mindset and focus.

So I have ONE GOAL this week… to WRITE DOWN 3 goals for 2018. (maybe there will be more, but at least 3) To take some down-time to get clear on my WHYS and then the priorities needed to reach those goals. (I want them to be a mix of professional and personal goals).

I know I’ll be writing more about Goals in the weeks ahead (seems appropriate timing!), how to set yourself up to reach them and picking ones that INSPIRE, DELIGHT and CHALLENGE YOU! Stay tuned… (I’ll be reading my new book too) 🙂

Just think…if you write down your goals, ones that help you become your best you this year you are 42% more likely to achieve them!!


Sometimes we need to say our Goals out loud to someone else, to share them and make them feel real and a priority. If you need that accountability don’t forget that you have support, encouragement and community with your EF family! Reach out to us/me, we’d love to help!

In good health and cheers to an awesome year ahead,