Frozen foods often get a bad rap. Most people think of sad tv dinners or tasteless Lean Cuisines. But your frozen aisle is actually bursting with healthy and nutritious options, if you choose carefully! The best things to buy frozen are not the processed, packaged meals but the ingredients you use everyday: fruit, vegetables, and meat. Our list below has five reasons why you should go frozen

  1. Frozen food can have more nutrients than fresh. This might surprise you, but with our global economy, frozen food often retains more vitamins because it is frozen right after it is picked, for fruits and vegetables, or processed, in the case of meat. Fresh fruits & veggies often travel thousands of miles to get to your local grocery store, and lose nutrients on the long journey. So, unless you know it’s local, frozen can be the healthiest option!
  2. It costs less. According to Safeway’s website, broccoli retails for 2.19 per pound fresh and 1.55 per pound frozen. If you bought frozen broccoli each week instead of fresh broccoli, you’d save 33.28 dollars a year! That might not seem like a lot, but imagine saving that amount each year for every type of vegetable and fruit you typically buy. How much could you be saving?
  3. Frozen food saves you time. Sometimes the prep time for fresh food keeps us from eating as healthy as we’d like. Who likes to come home after a long day and cut enough green beans or chicken pieces for an entire family? Frozen food is almost always pre-washed and cut, except in the case of some meats, so you can just get to cookin’! Frozen veggies and meat are awesome for throwing in soups and stews for an easy meal. Frozen fruit is perfect for smoothies!
  4. No preservatives. Well, besides freezing, which is a preservative that goes back over a hundred years! Freezing is enough to keep food good for a long time, without any chemicals added. (link:
  5. It stays good for a while. This one might seem obvious, but it is an essential point! Ever pull out from the crisper a bag of disgusting, brown ick that used to be veggies you forgot to prep? Sometimes we buy more food than we eat, and it goes in the trash. Curb food waste (and money waste!) in your house by eating frozen or freezing your excess fresh food. It will stay good for months to come!


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