This week we are going to focus on the importance of strengthening your core! Making your core stronger isn’t about getting a six pack, it’s called your core because it really is the center of your physical body! Your core muscles include both tummy and back muscles, for a detailed rundown see this article:

Almost everything you do involves your core, from tying your shoes to vacuuming. A more solid core will also improve your posture and balance, making everyday tasks less painful. Have you ever gotten up from working at the computer with a sore back and a crick in your neck? Doing core strengthening exercises will build up the muscles that support you while sitting at your desk. That’s not to mention that your physical fitness will improve, whether you are a walker, a golfer, or a surfer. The muscles that make up your core are vital for all aspects of your life, so we need to keep them strong!


One of the best exercises to start strengthening your core at home is the Plank. Watch the video below to learn how!

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