If you want to eat seasonally in the winter and get your fill of vegetables at the same time it may be time to give root vegetables a try. Generally, not given enough credit for their taste and variety, these veggies have great health benefits and long staying power in the fridge.

Although the classic carrot might come to mind when we think of a root vegetable they come in other shapes and colors as well. Check out five recipes below to take advantage this vegetable clan this season.

  1.   Oven Roasted Root Veggies. Roasting veggies is not only delicious but it also comes with health benefits. Roasting veggies without water helps them maintain nutrients and increase their bioavailability. Mix together potatoes, beets and parsnips in this simple recipe.
  2.   Root Veggie Soup. The obvious classic root vegetables like potatoes and beets are great, but be sure not to neglect other interesting options like rutabaga, turnips and parsnips. These alternative ones can sometimes be a little bitter but roasting them can bring out their sweetness. Try this soup recipe to spice up your routine.
  3.   Root Veggie Chips. You can buy this tasty snack in the store or make it at home for less money and fewer calories. As long as you keep the portion size under control and make sure they aren’t loaded with salt or other oils, they can serve as a healthy snack. Try this recipe drizzled with olive oil.
  4.   Root Veggie Stew. Slow cooking root veggies is optimum because it brings out the most nutrients and flavors in them. Stews cooked in the slow cooker are great because you the dish is ready when you get home. This recipe is chock full of recipes and spices to create a hearty winter stew.
  5.   Root Veggie Burger. If you are a veggie burger fan, adding a root veggie into the mix can amp up the nutrients in the meal. Throwing in some beets can add antioxidants and sweet potatoes provide Vitamin A. Try this yummy option and surprise your guests at your next barbecue.


What’s your favorite root veggie? Tell us in the comments below!