Sometimes the supermarket shelves notify us of fall’s arrival before the weather does. As soon as summer ends, stores begin stocking up on pumpkin desserts, breads, ice creams, coffees, candies, you name it. Although it is generally marketed as a sweet treat, this lovely fall flavor is something that you can enjoy relatively easily and healthily without paying for store bought items with extra sugar.

Check out five different healthy ideas below for cooking with pumpkin this fall!

1.) Pumpkin​ ​Soup.​ ​A true sign of fall,​ ​this recipe is perfect for adding a little warmth to a chilly fall evening. Although it can be made with heavy cream, we suggest this soup recipe made with yogurt for a healthier spin.

2.) Pumpkin​ ​Casserole.​ This classic squash is also very tasty as part of a casserole. Bake it alongside peppers with a little cheese sprinkled on top and you have a hearty casserole. Try this recipe.

3.) Pumpkin​ ​Chai​ ​Latte.​ Starbucks as well as other coffee shops are bound to have pumpkin spice lattes on their menus. They are also likely loaded with whipped cream and sugary syrups. Try this healthier, homemade recipe.

4.) Pumpkin​ ​Chili.​ ​Pumpkin and meat you say? It might not be the first combination to come to mind, but it is certainly delicious! This paleo chili recipe is perfect for a chilly autumn night and freezes well for meal prep.

5.) Pumpkin​ ​Oatmeal.​ Oatmeal is often already a common breakfast item during the fall, but why not make it a bit more special by adding pumpkin? Try this lighter version made with low fat milk.

What’s your favorite way to cook with pumpkin? Leave your comments below!