Just because Thanksgiving is known to many as the festive day of food doesn’t mean that everything you eat during this holiday event has to be decadent. The tradition is one of abundance, but that just means that there are plenty of chances to create healthy dishes alongside some of the more traditional, not so healthy ones.

Although it is obvious that the turkey will be the centerpiece to the occasion, this holiday celebrates side dishes in a variety of shapes, sizes and ingredients. Take advantage of the vegetable options available in season such as beans, squash, potatoes, or corn as well as the many protein options available in order to create a feast that fits your diet.

Below you will find five healthy side dish suggestions to enjoy on the day of gratitude:

    1. Sauteed Spinach. High in protein, fiber and a variety of vitamins, it’s easy to create a savory dish with this green vegetable. You can spice it up in any way you like by putting in additional vegetables like tomatoes and mushrooms. However, we like this classic recipe with just 5 ingredients.
    2. Roasted Sweet Potatoes. Although it’s good to eat starches in moderation, potatoes, both sweet and regular contain antioxidants, carotenoids, ascorbic acid and tocopherals. Sweet potatoes and other colored potatoes offer a higher amount of these nutrients. Be sure to prepare them simply like the following recipe skipping any sugary condiments.
    3. Green Bean Casserole. Contributing to your daily protein needs, green beans are nearly always present at the Thanksgiving table in one form or another. The green bean casserole is a great side to your turkey, just be careful to avoid items like heavy cream or cheese by follow this recommended recipe.
    4. Homemade Cranberry Sauce. This dish tends to get a bad rap as the item that nobody wants. However, if made correctly, it can provide a nice tart flavor to any Thanksgiving spread. Avoid excess sugar in the store bought varieties by following this recipe.
    5. Butternut Squash Soup. It wouldn’t be fall without the presence of pureed squash at the table. This vegetable can be made into a savory soup that is both healthy and filling. Try this quick and healthy recipe.


What is your favorite Thanksgiving vegetable? Leave us your comments below!