Quinoa salads can be enjoyed throughout the year for lunch or dinner, and they serve as a great contribution to any party or picnic. There are many variations on the classic dish and one in particular that you will find below is a Mediterranean style salad quinoa that is sure to fill you up while substituting in healthier ingredients than are sometimes found in traditional recipes.


This recipe can be adjusted by adding more of your favorite vegetables or those in season. Olives, mozzarella cheese, peas, carrots, corn and beans are just a few suggestions to add variety to the recipe.


Serves four


2 cups of cooked quinoa
2 cups of diced cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup cucumber peeled and diced
1 small red onion sliced
1/2 cup of feta cheese cubed
4 tablespoons cup of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste


  • Chop the tomatoes, cucumber, onion and feta cheese on a large cutting board.
  • Cook quinoa following package directions, we recommend trying it with vegetable stock to add a little extra flavor.
  • After quinoa is cooked and slightly cooled, add all the chopped ingredients and toss the mixture thoroughly.
  • Pour in the olive oil, making sure it coats the salad evenly.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste.


The salad can be eaten warm or cold. It’s great as a batch cook recipe and can be stored it for up to three days in the fridge, longer if unmixed.