Rice BowlFood can be a real pleasure; choosing a promising recipe, selecting seasonal ingredients and preparing them with love for a delicious, nutritious meal with friends and family. Many times though, time is of the essence and a mountain of preparation means complex recipes become a chore.

For simple and fast meals, rice bowls are our new savior! They can be adapted to whatever ingredients you’ve got in the fridge and follow an incredibly simple formula of rice plus veggies plus tasty sauce. They can be modified in millions of ways so an exciting dinner isn’t out of reach even when you don’t have time for tons of preparation. Plus, you can always switch out rice for ‘cauliflower rice’ if you’re trying to cut down on grains. Find it pre-prepared in the supermarket or make your own at home in seconds with a food processor!

Here are five of our favorites to get you started!

1. Seattle Asian Salmon Bowl. Rich in selenium, manganese and anti-oxidants, brown rice is also a good source of dietary fiber and will keep hungry stomachs full for longer. Whisk together the soy-wasabi vinaigrette and drizzle over crunchy cucumber, scallions and avocado, add cooked salmon and your rice bowl is ready!

2. Banh Mi Bowls. The crowning glory of this dish is the lemongrass pork meatballs which you can make even faster in a food processor if you can’t bear the thought of a wasted second before dinnertime! Add to the rice of your choice and top with crunchy pickled carrots.

3. Korean Rice Bowl With Steak, Asparagus and Fried Egg. This comforting bowlful is a take on bibimbap , a Korean dish of sliced meat, rice and vegetables, topped with a fried egg. It’s worth seeking out kimchi (fermented cabbage) for an authentic addition to the dish.

4. Tuna Avocado Rice Bowl. Forget tuna pasta, put that tin of tuna to good use and whip up this studenty version of the rice bowl! The recipe calls for Shichimi, a Japanese spice mix but you can use a pinch of what you have to hand – chilli flakes, sesame seeds and ground ginger work perfectly.

5. Mediterranean Rice Bowl. Inspired by Greek Salad, this rice bowl is a fresh, crunchy and wholesome dinner. Top the rice of your choice with feta cheese, olives, red onion, parsley and avocado and finish with a generous dollop of puree made from roasted red peppers.

What’s your favorite rice bowl? Let us know in the comments!