Asparagus ArtichokesWith spring just arrived, the days are getting longer, the temperature (mostly) milder and green seasonal veggies are ready for our plates.

Lets leave starchy root vegetables behind and think about cooking nutritious fresh green vegetables just coming into season right now. Here are five of our favorites:

1. Asparagus Soup With Lemon And Parmesan. Turning early season asparagus into soup is a great for keeping away that slight chill in the air whilst still enjoying a lighter supper. This recipe keeps things flavorsome with the addition of lemon, parmesan and a handful of fresh herbs.

2. One Pot Salmon With Snap Peas And Rice. Known as snap peas or sugar snap peas, this green veggie is a cross between a snow pea (or mangetout) and the common garden pea. There’s no shelling or fiddly preparation required; just rinse and add to something simple like this salmon and rice one-pot meal for the last few minutes of cooking.

3. Swiss Chard And Mushroom Squares. Chard is an excellent source of so many nutrients (vitamin K, A, C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, the list goes on) so eating it more often will really give your body a boost. These mini-frittatas are an easy recipe to keep in your repertoire for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

4. Artichoke, Spinach And Prosciutto Flatbread With Spicy Honey. You can of course use frozen artichoke hearts to make this at any time of year, but if they’re in season, why not use fresh? Add your toppings to frozen pizza dough, or a ready-made flatbread and bake for an ideal sharing dinner or side dish. Don’t skip the spicy honey drizzle!

5. Filo Pie With Nettles And Yoghurt. If you’re picking your own wild nettles, wash the leaves thoroughly before cooking and be sure to wear gloves to protect from stings! They’re often made into nettle soup, but you can use them in place of spinach in many recipes. This filo pie makes an easy and filling weekend lunch.

What veggies are you looking forward to in the coming months? Let us know in the comments below!