ramen soup

After spending December cooking to impress and entertain others, we try to think about ourselves in the New Year. January’s menu should be more nourishing, more invigorating and served with a side of self-care. There’s just one small snag; we are still craving those heavy winter comfort foods.

Here are five comforting and healthy recipes that will leave you feeling satisfied, nourished and maybe a little smug that your resolutions are still intact.

1. Red Cabbage and Caramelized Onion Tart. Spend a little time chopping red cabbage and onions and you’ll reap the rewards later. A slice of this French tart feels warming and satisfying, yet the dense veggie filling keeps things healthy. A real crowdpleaser.

2. Roast Pork Chops with Butternut Squash and Kale. Grab some kale and pair it with another wintery favorite, butternut squash. Serve with roast pork chops and bring the whole dish together with garlic and sage seasonings.

3. Olive Oil Braised Leeks with Thyme. Although similar in flavor to summer leeks, winter leeks tend to be shorter and fatter and go well in slow-cooked dishes like soups and stews. Braising them in the oven with olive oil and thyme really makes them the star of the show. Serve with crusty bread for a filling lunch or baked fish for an elegant dinner.

4. Baked Celeriac Patties with Coriander and Mint. It’s ugly on the outside but packed with goodness like zinc, calcium and iron on the inside. Celeriac, also known as celery root, is right in season in January so there’s no better time to eat it. These baked celeriac patties go great with a salad or as a side dish.

5. Coconut Curry Ramen. Long and cold days demand hot and satisfying dinners. This spicy ramen soup is so good you’ll spend the day counting down the hours till you can get in the kitchen. What’s more the recipe is versatile enough that you can use practically any vegetable you have to hand! Spiralize some veggie noodles if you want to keep this dish lower in carbohydrates.

What have you got lined up to keep you going in January? Share your recipes in the comments!