I turned from my computer screen to look at my watch and sighed.  I had 5 minutes to make a decision or it was going to be too late.
I had been working for 3 hours that morning and was now frittering away time looking at facebook.  I had to make a decision whether I was going to continue working or get my workout in.  I knew very well that I needed to get a workout in that day.  But sometimes I get hooked on checking out the pictures and videos that people post and I was really tempted to just keep browsing.  What to do?
What is Important?
In this case, I ended up forcing myself to get up and hit the training session.  And I was SO glad that I did.  But it doesn’t always end that way.
It’s crazy how NOISY our society is today.  I’m not talking about physical noise that you might hear around town.  In fact, to be honest, the Coastside is a relatively quiet place compared to Silicon Valley or the Peninsula.
But in this digital age, the noise we experience daily in the news and in online venues is just as loud and noxious here as it is anywhere else in the world.  In fact, it is the blessing and the curse of the online world that it can reach you literally ANYWHERE in the world at any time of the day or night!
Advertisers are notorious for constantly selling you on how to be healthy, wealthy, and happy.  If we listen to the advertising world around us and allow their messages of persuasion to move us, we’ll believe that we’re too fat, too unattractive, not sophisticated enough, not wise enough, and not capable of determining what’s best for our health.  And eventually we will become convinced that the noise coming into our lives has the answers to our problems and we will buy the pill, magic potion, or sensational 1 week program to get us what we want.
Own Your Experience!
Yet if we take a moment to block out the intrusive blaring of messages and advertisements during the day, we will find a quiet voice within that tells us EXACTLY what we need to know.  We KNOW intuitively that we need to make our health and fitness a priority.  We KNOW intuitively that even though we might not feel like it, we need to be spending the time and effort to move our bodies, get the blood spinning through our veins, and feel alive!
It takes time.  It takes effort.  You will probably want to just let go sometimes and allow the river of noise to carry you along.  But know that the path to growth, and health, and happiness is paved with effort, not idle hopes.  It’s paved with noble intentions coupled with labor, not wishful thinking coupled with hopes for the best.
What WE’RE About!
At Empowered Fitness, you won’t find wishful thinking.  You’ll find healthy, live-giving labor.  You won’t find the easy path.  You’ll find the road less traveled.  This is where dreams truly are fulfilled.  This where people who know what they want can make their dreams a reality.
You are not at the mercy of the world around you.  Take charge of yourself, your health, and your life.  It is yours by right.  The world around you does NOT need to rule your thoughts.  If you take a few minutes each day to listen to the voice within yourself, you will know the right way to move.  And in listening to that voice, you will find your true self.